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form follows

25 October 2015 – 28 February 2016

form follows

The exhibition entitled “Form follows” at the Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle offers an exploration of the possibilities that are open to sculpture as an art form that is not exclusively a matter of three-dimensional, corporeal art objects. Indeed, once we abandon an overly deterministic concept of art, we discover that a wide array of techniques and approaches traditionally associated with other art forms such as painting, drawing, installation and photography can be applied in the process of creating works of sculpture.

In a departure from the modernist “form follows function“ tradition, the image forms featured in this exhibition are clearly not the result of an attempt to serve any specific function. On the contrary, they result from an elemental, artistic engagement of material as an aesthetic category in its own right. No later than 1945, artists began to use material in ways that relegated form to the rank of a variable quantity that was a product of material properties. This development went hand in hand with mounting attacks against the canon of art-appropriate materials, a liberating movement that ultimately led to a virtually unlimited spectrum of basic materials.

In addition to traditional materials such as bronze, stone and wood, the artists whose works are featured in the exhibition “Form follows” also work with industrially manufactured materials such as cardboard, concrete, MDF, glass, acrylic, aluminum, woven fabrics and polyurethane. Often entirely unscripted in terms of their final form, their works are reflective of no particular function in the conventional sense of the word. Instead, they take their place in a history of the image that follows the abstraction of physical things and their materiality.

Featured artists: Carl Andre (USA *1935), Dan Flavin (USA, 1933-1996), Erwin Heerich (Germany, 1922-2004), Günther Holder (Germany, *1962), Donald Judd (USA, 1928-1994), Dieter Kiessling (Germany, *1957), Johanna von Monkiewitsch (Germany, *1979), Andrea Ostermeyer (Germany, *1961), Walter Schelenz (Germany, 1903-1987), Paul Schwer (Germany, *1951), Nikola Ukic (Croatia, *1974).