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Tribute to the Eremitenpresse

22 April 2012 – 23 September 2012

Victor Otto Stomps, or “VauO” as his friends called him, insisted on publishing only “what he liked” in the three small publishing houses – "Rabenpresse", "Eremiten-Presse" and "Neue Rabenpresse" – he founded in the course of his life. In doing so, he pursued no particular societal or political objectives and remained equally unfazed by questions concerning the profitability of his publishing endeavors. For Stomps, literature was art and it was meaningful in and of itself. He never allowed himself to be "influenced by considerations that were beyond the scope of pure artistic judgment."

In 1926, the 29-year-old Stomps founded the small publishing house "Rabenpresse", which he managed until 1937. Large-scale book production began at the publishing house in 1932. The literary magazine "Der weiße Rabe" with contributions by Peter Huchel, Günter Eich, Hermann Kasack, Paul Zech and others was published as a periodical from 1932 to 1934.