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12 February 2017 – 30 April 2017

The first exhibition of the year 2017 draws attention to the collected works of the Ege Kunst- und Kulturstiftung that have been selectively exhibited in changing thematic contexts at the Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle since 2004. The works, which will be on exhibit until the end of April, hearken back to the original orientation of the collection while also pointing forward to possible avenues of its further development. After a number of group exhibitions that intentionally focus on an examination of the emerging artistic commitments and sensibilities of younger international contemporary artists whose works are not yet featured in the collection, the current Blickwechsel exhibition presents an opportunity to take stock of longer-term developments. The exhibition features works that belong to the very core of the collection and newer works that have acquired in the last 12 years. The selected artistic positions that appear at the center of the Blickwechselexhibitionare emblematic of the discourse that is currently being conducted at the Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle about the general capacity of images that were not created to play a role in a representational tradition. The exhibited works reveal an examination of fundamental issues. For instance, what do we mean today when we use the term (art) image? How unambiguous is such an image supposed to be? How do we perceive such images and what do they mean to us? As the exhibition impressively conveys, the collection concept is reflected in a cross-genre discourse that takes account of an open-ended range of expressive forms, including painting, sculpture, drawing, video, light art and spatially extensive installations.

In the juxtaposition of the selected works and the corresponding dialogue that emerges, we see very different approaches, artistic forms of expression and reflections, for instance, via lines that are more than mere contours, paintings that arise (immaterially) in space and sculpture that defines itself in terms of novel material values. Materially immanent qualities of light, color and substrate are brought to the fore at the same time as a consensus emerges about the impossibility of exhaustively capturing our world in static images. The Blickwechselexhibition thereby dares us to change our perspective of the collection, the images, the exhibition space, our perceptual habits and the various interrelationships.

with Max Cole, Anna Leonie, Richard Long, Agnes Martin, Vera Mayer, Michael Rouillard, Natalia Stachon, Reiner Ruthenbeck, Freya Richter, Winston Roeth, Adrian Schiess, Sam Szembek, Michel Verjux, Dieter Villinger.

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